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Dan Burgett - Freelance Software Developer

Dan Burgett

Dan Burgett

Lives in Tyler, Texas

I first started out my career working in Washington D.C. as a defense contractor on military video games, websites and smartphone apps. Eventually I got really tired of that government work and moved to Tyler.
I have an MBA from Longwood university and a BS in Computer Graphics from Texas A&M. I love living in East Texas and want to help the businesses here succeed!


I offer many services to help small businesses, below are a few examples.

Salesforce Consulting

Let me help your business use Salesforce better! Whether its troubleshooting permissions sets, custom fields and plugins or you need someone to help you outsource and manage your lightning conversion, I’m your man! I have worked on major overhauls of donations systems, invoicing systems and live chat integrations all in Salesforce. I also provide general Salesforce administration services.

Web/Social Media Presence

I can work with you to enchance your presence on the web. Lets use technology to improve your customer base! Together we can craft your social media strategy, and optomize your search engine visibility. Communication with customers is key, and in the digital age its all done on the web!

Custom Website or Desktop/App

Let me create an awesome website, desktop or smartphone app for your business. If you just need a small static info page or a big custom built site, I can design or build it for you. Want an in house app to manage your day to day unique needs or a customer focused app so consumers can connect with you? Every business needs a digital presence these days, and Burgett Technology Consulting can give you one on time and on budget!

Previous Customers

Below are a few of my happy customers.

Pine Cove

Salesforce Consulting

DV Golden Time

Website Design/Development


Website Design/Development

UR Here

Web App Proof of Concept

Third Day Horticulture

Website Design/Development

Hooper Hill CIM

Website Design/Development

Blakewood CIM

Website Design/Development

Physician Self Defense

Website Design/Development

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