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Get stuff done. Anywhere. From any device.

With a progressive web app, your people can get stuff done from any device—online or offline.

You will love our progressive web application developers

Why you’ll love your progressive web app.

With a PWA, you’ll have an app that’s…

Affordable progressive web app development company


With PWAs, you get stellar mobile and desktop user experiences—without paying for separate mobile and desktop apps.

PWA development for use online and offline

Available offline

Because your progressive web app can store data locally and sync to the cloud the next time you’re online, it’s ready for use—anywhere.

Mobile-responsive progressive web app development company


Our progressive web apps are fully responsive, so your PWA will be ready for use from any browser on any device—desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Click Add to Home Screen to open your PWA from your phones home screen

Easily accessible

Click “Add to Home Screen” to access your PWA the same way you would any other app on your smartphone or tablet.

PWA development that delivers native app-like functionality

Native app-like

Progressive web apps deliver native app-like functionality (e.g., push notifications)—without a native app.

Progressive web applications developed to use very little data

Light on data usage

Since PWAs take better advantage of caching than native apps, they use much less data and are perfect for low-speed WiFi networks.

High performance PWA development company

Ultra fast

Because progressive web applications use service workers to prefetch app data, they consistently outperform native apps.

Ultra secure PWA dev service


Your progressive web app’s built-in HTTPS will protect your people’s data and prevent snooping and tampering.

User friendly progressive web application development service

Easy to use

Since PWAs use a single code base, you get the same features on all devices—and eliminate the learning curve.

In progressive web app development, we speak the languages.

As full-stack progressive web app developers, if it’s a programming language, platform, library, framework, or server environment, then we probably speak it. If you, too, speak “nerd,” then you may care to know that these are some of our go-to’s.

HTML5 web application development company
CSS web application development firm
JavaScript web application developers
Reactjs web app developers
Vue.js web app development agency
Node.js web app development company
Python web app dev team
C Sharp web app development company
ColdFusion web app development team
PHP web app development team

Progressive web app development that’s…

Progressive web app developers who build apps the right way

On point

Our progressive web app developers are into solving your (actual) problems. And we won’t stop until we do.

Progressive web application development company that builds apps on time

On time

In tech, unexpected delays should be expected. So, we plan for them to avoid unrealistic timelines.

PWA development company that builds apps on budget

On budget

We’re good at understanding project scope before we start. So, budget surprises are rare.

Have your cake. And eat it, too.

Progressive web app developer client testimonial
They completed the project on time, on budget, and had great communication! We will work with them again!

Eric Swanson

A PWA case study.

How we helped an international humanitarian aid organization improve efficiency (and make their field teams love them).

PWA developed to work in areas with no internet access

Problem: Limited (or no) internet access

Our client provides aid to many places with limited (or no) internet access. And in many of the places where they do have internet fall under U.S. tech export controls that restricted their internet access. Because their previous SaaS solution required internet access, their teams were forced to write everything on paper until they returned to their field office where they would enter the data manually.

Progressive web app with local storage

Solution: A PWA with local data storage

We developed a PWA that allows them to capture data even in places with no internet access. Instead of requiring an active data connection, the app stores their data locally until they connect to a reliable WiFi network that doesn’t fall under U.S. technology export controls. Once they’ve connected, their data syncs to the cloud. And it happens automatically with no manual data entry.

Empower your people to get stuff done. Anywhere.

Our PWA development process

Our PWA dev process.

Together, here’s how we’ll bring your progressive web app to life.

Progressive web app dev problem analysis phase

1. Analyze

Our process begins with meticulous problem analysis. After all, we can’t solve problems that we don’t understand. And after years of honing the art of question-asking, it has become our secret sauce.

PWA dev design phase

2. Design

Once we understand the obstacles you need to overcome, you’ll get our Solution Design document. In it, you’ll find everything you need to know: the plan, timeline, and cost breakdown.

Progressive web app development phase

3. Build

During the build phase, you’ll see your progressive web application come to life. And at the end of this phase, we’ll get you and your end users into the app to start test driving.

Progressive web application user testing and validation phase

4. Validate

People often want to skip this phase, but it’s mission-critical. The validation phase allows us to collect feedback from your end users so we can ensure your PWA is ready for launch.

PWA development launch phase

5. Launch

Launching an app should be fun. And with us, it is. When the validation phase is complete, you’ll know your PWA is ready for real-world use. So, at launch, you can kick back and enjoy.

Progressive web app development maintenance bug fix and feature addition phase

6. Maintain

After we launch your PWA, we won’t leave you. Instead, we’ll handle your ongoing maintenance and, as needed, fix bugs and roll out new features. In other words, we’ve got you.

Got questions? Get answers.

Which industries do you typically serve?

We’ve built apps for businesses in the non-profit, financial, HR, accounting, and legal markets, just to name a few.

What are the benefits of progressive web apps?

People hire progressive web application development companies because PWAs:

  1. Are affordable, thanks to a single code base for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  2. Install easily, and bypass the Apple and Android app stores.
  3. Work online and offline, so you can get stuff done with or without WiFi.
  4. Are mobile-responsive, so they deliver ideal user experiences on every device.
  5. Function like mobile apps (e.g., can send push notifications).
  6. Use substantially less data and storage than native apps.
  7. Are faster than native apps, thanks to superior caching.
  8. Protect users and their data, thanks to built-in HTTPS.
  9. Open without the distraction of your browser’s address bar.
  10. Can be search engine optimized.
  11. Boast high user engagement and conversion rates.

Ready to talk? So are we, so get in touch now!

Are there any PWAs that you won't build?

No. If you need a progressive web app, we want to build it! So, get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute consult!

Can you rescue my existing PWA project?

Yes. Many of our clients come to us because an existing progressive web app development project has gone sideways. And we’re always up for a rescue mission!

How much will my PWA cost?

As you can imagine, pricing depends upon the scope of your project. Want a free quote? Get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute conversation.

Are you U.S.-based PWA developers?

Yes. The Burgett Consulting progressive web application development company is headquartered at 121 S Broadway Ave #724 Tyler, TX 75702.